Pressure Leaf Vertical Type Filter – PLV(D) / PLV (W) Filter

  • Vertical tank type filter with vertical leaves on a central bottom outlet
  • Recommended for optimum use of floor space
  • Low initial cost with large filtering area

Reverse Pulse Vertical Filter Brochure

Pressure Leaf Horizontal Type PLH(D) / PLH(W) Filter

  • Fully retractable bundle
  • Features for maximum convenience in operation and maintenance
  • Large filtration area

Pressure Leaf Horizontal Filter Brochure

Reverse Pulse Type RPP(D/W), RP(D) & RP(W) Filter

  • Fully enclosed system with optimum dry or wet cake discharge
  • Wide range of applications eg. process filter, thickening, heel filtration, polishing
  • Direct filtration without filter aids

Reverse Pulse Type Filter Brochure

Single, Duplex and Multi Bag Filter

  • High flow rates & minimal fluid loss
  • Leak proof positive sealing & easy access design
  • Added features available for special processes

Single, Duplex and Multi Bag Filter Brochure

Filter Leaves, Clothes, Cartridges & Elements

  • Any form of filter media for your needs
  • Experienced manufacturer with proven quality
  • Quick delivery & competitive prices
Filter Leaves, Clothes, Cartridges & Elements Brochure


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